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Rototec Consulting is providing a wide range of consulting services in the field of Geothermal Energy

Thermal Response Test

A Thermal Response Test (TRT) is conducted in order to establish some critical parameters needed to calculate the configuration (numbers, geometric configuration, depth and spacing) of the boreholes as accurate …

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Borehole simulation

Simulation of borehole configurations

Deciding a borehole configuration (numbers, depth, spacing, geometric form), given demands on heating and cooling, has to be done with computer software simulating the behavior and …

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Creating drilling plans

After having performed a Thermal Response Test and after having done a simulation, the outcome of the simulation is the basis for a drilling plan.

The drilling plan …

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Geoenergy advising

Due to extensive experience of Geoenergy solutions Rototec Consulting is well  positioned to give customers and potential customers optimal advice on how to implement Geoenergy solutions into their energy providing …

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Boreholes Measurements

Rototec Consulting offers the service Measurement of inclination and direction of boreholes.

After, or during, a borehole field has been drilled it might be useful to measure the actual inclination …

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Education and training

Rototec Consulting can give customized lecturing, education and training in practically every topic concerning Geoenergy solutions.

It ranges between giving general introductions into Geoenergy  to specific and detailed training to …

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